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Bluelab Nutrient Truncheon Ec

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The World Number One Conductivity Meter

The Bluelab Nutrient Truncheon is an essential piece of kit for the avid indoor grower. Effectively monitor the nutrient solution of your plants whilst they are growing to make adjustments as you go, ensuring you receive exceptional results.

When you grow with a hydroponic solution, it is vital for the wellbeing of the plants you know exactly the strength of the nutrient solution. The Bluelab Nutrient Truncheon will give you accurate readings, ensuring plants receive the exact amount of nutrients needed, when needed and helps to prevent dehydration.

 It is also of great importance to know what the conductivity of the nutrient is for feeding the plants correctly. The Bluelab Nutrient Truncheon makes light work of monitoring the solution. Simply dip the probe into the solution for a reading.


Meter length: 40.7cm


  • EC, CF and PPM scales
  • Fully water resistant
  • Factory calibrated
  • Auto power button
  • Minimum battery life of one year (or shelf life of battery)
  • No external switches or adjustment knobs
  • EC (0.2 – 3.6), CF (2 – 36) and ppm scales (TDS and 700 scale)
  • 3 x AA alkaline batteries included