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BioBizz Top Max


What is BioBizz Top Max?

BioBizz Top Max is a 100% organic flower stimulator that contains ingredients to increase the size and weight of the flower cluster, improve the nutrient uptake and produce a sweeter crop. It is developed and made in the Netherlands to encourage sustainable agriculture and the use of natural products and methods.

What is the use of BioBizz Top Max?

BioBizz Top Max contains humic and fulvic acids which boost the energy in the old plant cells while stimulating new ones to grow. These acids are extracted from Leonardite which is a very ancient substance that has been in the soil for millions of years. Their natural electrical charge attracts minerals present in the soil and the organic fertilizers added.

How does BioBizz Top Max work?

BioBizz Top Max works by freeing the minerals in the soil like Calcium, Iron and Magnesium which improves the mineral absorption rate in the plants and improves the nutrient flow and stimulate the plant’s metabolism. 

Why would I need BioBizz Top Max?

BioBizz Top Max is a100% natural organic flowering stimulant that contains no chemicals. It can be used during the flowering phase and with any soil mixture or grow medium. It contains fulvic acid which possesses components that contribute to healthy floral growth.

Description and components:

  • Suitable for any growing medium or potting mix.
  • Made and developed in the Netherlands.
  • To be used during the flowering phase.

How to use BioBizz Top Max?

  • BioBizz Top Max comes in a high concentration and it has to be diluted.
  • 10ml / 10 litre during the first week of flowering.
  • Increase to up to 40ml / 10 litre as the harvest approaches.


BioBizz Top Max

TopMax is a 100% vegetable-based organic bloom stimulator that encourages rapid cell division during flowering and increases the production of transport sugars in the fruit or flowers, resulting in larger blossoms and fruits with enhanced flavours, oils and aromas.

BioBizz’s real trademark is the superior quality, sweet taste and aroma that it infuses in the plants it helps grow. BioBizz is also 100% organically certified. When preparing your nutrient solution to be careful not to mix them in their concentrated form.

Add each part of your nutrient schedule to your tank separately, mixing thoroughly before adding the next component to the mix.

BioBizz Top Max feed rate – 2 – 5ml /Litre in Bloom.