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BioBizz CalMag


What is BioBizz CalMag?

BioBizz CalMag provides a highly concentrated solution of Calcium and Magnesium to ensure the optimal mineral balance regardless of the quality of the water. It is developed and made in the Netherlands to encourage sustainable agriculture and the use of natural products and methods.

What is the use of BioBizz CalMag?

BioBizz CalMag is used to correct the water source of varying hardness as it contains Calcium and Magnesium at the ideal ratio.

How does BioBizz CalMag work?

BioBizz CalMag is used as a solution to buffer the soft water EC to provide the optimal mineral balance. When using non-balanced water can cause deficiencies in the plants causing the plants to be weak and more susceptible to diseases. 

Why would I need BioBizz CalMag?

BioBizz CalMag is a100% natural organic concentrated solution of Calcium and Magnesium that improves the poor quality water as well as the nutrient uptake in the plants which leads to stronger and healthier plants.

Description and components:

  • Suitable for any growing medium or potting mix.
  • Made and developed in the Netherlands.
  • To be used to buffer soft water EC.

How to use BioBizz CalMag?

  • BioBizz CalMag comes in a high concentration and it has to be diluted.
  • 5-15ml / 10 liter until the EC reaches 0.4.



Biobizz Calmag has been designed for the professional grower and the hobbyist that needs extra Calcium and Magnesium in their growth.

 Calcium and magnesium are essential elements for proper plant growth and blooming, as they play a key role in cell production and photosynthesis.

 Why choose BioBizz CalMag?

Ca/Mg deficiencies are common, as in today’s world we cannot rely on tap water to ensure correct mineral concentration.

 Either if you need to stick with soft tap water or go down the RO path, Biobizz Calmag brings you a 100% organic and certified solution for Ca/Mg deficiencies.

 This product brings the best of our 100% natural ingredients and presents them in a formula that will not alter your preferred feeding regime.

 Correct faulty water and deficiencies in an easy, controlled, and natural way with Biobizz Calmag.

How to use BioBizz CalMag?

Add the recommended dose of Calmag to supplement calcium and magnesium and prepare your water and mix the necessary Biobizz fertilizers.