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BioBizz Alg-A-Mic


BioBizz Alg-A-Mic

BioBizz Alg-A-Mic is a vitality booster that uses cold-pressed seaweed concentrate to provide an assortment of micronutrients, vitamins, amino acids, and hormones of vegetable origin.

Used as a soil drench or foliar spray, Alg-A-Mic increases plant health and disease resistance, while giving leaves a vibrant green colour. Perfect for giving plants a boost.

BioBizz’s real trademark is the superior quality, sweet taste and aroma that it infuses in the plants it helps grow.

BioBizz also 100% organically certified. When preparing your nutrient solution to be careful not mix them together in their concentrated form. Add each part of your nutrient schedule to your tank separately, mixing thoroughly before adding the next component to the mix.

BioBizz Alg-A-Mic feed rate – 1 – 3ml /Litre in growth and Bloom.