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Autopot Aquavalve - 6mm


Automatically Feed Your Plants

The AutoPot AQUAvalve simplifies the process of feeding your plants. Once connected, it uses a gravity feed from the connected tank to control the flow of nutrient solution and eliminates the need for pumps, electricity and timers.

The AQUAvalve allows the Autopot tray tray to be filled with solution to a pre-defined level of 20mm. Once this is reached, the AQUAvalve will prevent additional water from entering the tray, only letting it back in once the plants have consumed all the existing supply.

As the needs of your plants change through the growth cycle, the AQUAvalve will open and close more frequently as the plants go through a wet and dry cycle. This is known as PCI (Plant Controlled Irrigation). The AQUAvalve can easily sub irrigate up to four large plants when used in a suitable tray and connected to a low pressure water source.