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Aptus Fungone 1L


Aptus Fungone

Aptus Fungone is an effective foliar spray that minimises bacteria problems on plant leaves and helps to increase plant immune systems from future attacks.

Designed to work as a cleaner and conditioner for plant leaves, Aptus Fungone is a strong spray made to protect plant health. Made from a highly sophisticated formula of stabilised and activated hydrogen peroxide, therefore this formula is over 100 times stronger than normal hydrogen peroxide. 

Aptus Fungone acts as a preventative shield against harmful plant problems. Many growers wait until common mould and mildew problems occur before using a pesticide to cure the problem. However, using this spray helps ensure plants stay thoroughly cleaned. Therefore ensuring plant health is continually supported to the highest quality to support positive growth.

Who Can Use Aptus Fungone?

Aptus Fungone is a particularly useful product for growers wishing to minimise the risk of plant-based bacterial viruses. It is a very effective and strong product, used by directly spraying onto the plants' leaves. It is also ready to use solution, directly sprayable on plant leaves.


  • Safe to use – non toxic or harmful to plants
  • Acts as a leaf cleaner
  • Prevents problems such as fungi and mildew.