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Advanced Nutrients Revive


Advanced Nutrients Revive

Advanced Nutrients Revive helps plants regain their vigour after a stressful period that can be caused by over/under watering, disease or infestation. After the source of the stress has been corrected, revive provides a unique formula containing a mix chelated nutrients which plants can easily absorb and use, aiding recovery. Advanced Nutrients Revive will cut down the length of time it takes to get high-value plants growing vigorously again.

Advanced Nutrients Revive is compatible with Advanced Nutrients pH technology meaning growing just became easier when used with the rest of the pH perfect range there is no need to check or adjust pH levels as they are automatically adjusted and maintained at the perfect levels.

Advanced Nutrients Revive Feed rate - 1ml/Litre to guard against stress  

                                                                            - 5ml/Litre stress relief  root drench

                                                                            - 3ml/Litre foliar feed dosage: