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Advanced Nutrients Overdrive


Use Advanced Nutrients Overdrive to defy mother Nature and turn plants back into fire-breathing champion producers, even into late Flowering

Scientific testing shows Overdrive will reinvigorate flowering and create a renewed burst of resin production, flavours, terpenoids, size and other much sought after traits.

Advanced Nutrients Overdrive’s ingredients are matched so they work together to give your plants exactly what they need for late-season bloom building. Creating top heavy high yielding plants!

Advanced Nutrients Overdrive

Advanced Nutrients Overdrive is a flowering booster designed specifically for use in late bloom. After Advanced Nutrients Big Bud has done its work leaving multiple budding sites and flowers, Advanced Nutrients Overdrive goes on to swell the buds while improving quality and final weight.

Overdrive will make you a fan as your crop piles on weight and size as you would not believe. Overdrive is compatible with Advanced Nutrients pH technology meaning growing just became easier when used with the rest of the pH perfect range there is no need to check or adjust pH levels as they are automatically adjusted and maintained at the optimum levels. Advanced Nutrients Overdrive is a top seller at Grow and Harvest!

Advanced Nutrients Overdrive Feed rate - 2ml/Litre in late Bloom.