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9mm Autopot Top Hat Grommet

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Top Hat Grommets provide a water tight connection using 9mm pipe with the 30 & 47L plastic reservoirs.

The Top Hat Grommet is positioned at the bottom of the reservoir. All AutoPot 30 & 47 L plastic reservoirs are now supplied drilled and with 9mm Top Hat Grommets.

If fitting a 9mm grommet (for AQUAvalve5) to an existing/non-AutoPot plastic reservoir drill out to 12.5mm diameter.

The grommet is then inserted into the hole and a length of 9mm or 6mm pipe (according to the grommet used) is then pushed through the grommet. Push the pipe all the way through the grommet so that you can see the tube protruding inside the reservoir.

Note – For easy fitting and a solid seal use warm water to soften pipe work.