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600w Maxibright Lotus Magnetic Ballast

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600w Maxibright Lotus Magnetic Ballast

  • 600w Genuine Power
  • Wall mountable, Vented enclosure.
  • Cool& Silent Running
  • Precision Wound Ballast

600w Maxibright Lotus Magnetic Ballast

The 600w Maxibright Lotus Magnetic Ballast is a budget version of the Maxibright I-Pac, the quality vented metal cased ballast that’s used to start up and power a 600 Watt HPS or MH lamp using a traditional magnetic core and coil system alongside a Smart digital igniter.

Maxibright’s high-quality safe circuitry means that the Maxibright Lotus Ballast will not restart a hot or faulty lamp and the built in thermal cut out also means that the ballast will shut down safely if it overheats.

Although the Maxibright Lotus 600w is a budget ballast, it remains high quality and bears the Maxibright “Genuine Quality” seal of approval being able to run a “True 600w” unlike most other budget ballasts out there.

Note - Ballasts run warm so should be located on a firm flat surface (not carpet) in a well-ventilated area. To operate safely, the wattage of any lamps used should match that of the ballast.