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400w Sylvania Grolux Dual Spectrum HPS Lamp

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400w Sylvania Grolux Dual Spec HPS Lamp

The 400w Sylvania Grolux Duel Spec HPS Lamp has a lumen output of 58000 the large majority of this is in the orange/red spectrum, with some blue mixed in making them ideal for both veg and flowering cycles. Sylvania has been involved in the hydroponic industry for many years, and remain a market leader gaining a well-respected name for quality all round lamps at a great price. Horticultural lamp light output will decrease with use. It’s recommended that growers replace lamps at regular intervals to maintain optimum yields.

Note - As soon as lamps are switched on they will run extremely hot. Before handling, lamps should be turned off the ballast disconnected and allowed to cool down.

All high-pressure sodium and metal halide lamps need to be handled with care, avoid touching the lamp and particular, care must be taken when using sprays or liquids around hot lamps as this may cause failure or explosion.


Contents – 1 x 400w Sylvania Grolux HPS Lamp