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2 lph Pressure Compensating Dripper Stake (red)


This HydroSure Pressure Compensating Dripper is attached to a spike for easy and secure installation. The dripper has a turbulent flow path and produces a flow rate of 2 litres per hour working on a recommended operating pressure of 1-3 bar.

This pressure compensating, non-adjustable stream dripper self-regulates the flow rate, ensuring even flow and coverage regardless of the length of pipe, uneven terrain and varying inlet pressure. PC drippers are ideal for installations where water pressure may vary along the line, for example on slopes, where a more complex design would be required for standard drippers. The end of line dripper has a barbed inlet which is compatible with 4mm irrigation pipe.

The dripper and spike are manufactured from UV stabilised polypropylene and acetal for long life and to prevent the product from deteriorating under sunlight. The dripper spike has an X-shaped design providing maximum surface area for ultimate grip when in the ground.

This 2 L/h dripper is colour coded Red for easy identification.