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150w Maxibright Digital, Euro, Sunmaster HPS Kit

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150w Sunmaster  Lamp

The 150w Sunmaster Duel Spec HPS Lamp has a lumen output of 17200 the majority of which is in the orange/red part of the spectrum, they also produce more blue than most other dual spectrum lamps making them ideal for vegetative growth and flowering. The Sunmaster range of lamps has proven to be excellent value for money providing reliability and quality lamps time and time again. Horticultural lamp light output will decrease with use. We recommend that growers replace lamps at regular intervals to maintain optimum yields.

Note – As soon as lights are turned on they will run extremely hot. Before handling, lamps should be switched off the ballast disconnected and allowed to cool down. All high-pressure sodium and metal halide lamps need to be handled with care, avoid touching the lamp and particular, care must be taken when using sprays or liquids around hot lamps as this may cause failure or explosion.

IDEAL FOR – Vegetative Growth and Flowering Contents – 1 x 150w Sunmaster Son-T Duel Spec HPS Lamp

150w Maxibright Digilight Ballast

150w Maxibright Digilight Ballast provides more PAR light (usable plant light) and uses less electricity than traditional magnetic core and coil ballasts. The digital intelligent ignition feature prevents electrical surges when multiple ballasts start up, there is also soft start technology, which increases lamp life. The 150w Maxibright Digilight Digital Ballast can be used with HPS and MH lamps and is RF shielding so will not interfere with other electrical equipment in your home.

Note – Digital ballasts run much cooler than magnetic ballast but can still be warm so should be located on a firm flat surface (not carpet) in a well-ventilated area.Maxibright Euro Reflector With 5m IEC Lead.

Maxibright Euro Reflector

The Maxibright Euro Reflector is an excellent budget reflector its design is simple, a double parabolic with centre V shape to maximise light spread and reflectivity, manufactured using highly reflective anodised aluminium which is hammer dimpled to reduce hot spots reflected towards plants.

The ceramic lamp holder is heat resistant and positioned to mount either HPS or MH lamps horizontally, both HPS and MH are up to a maximum power of 600w. The Euro reflector has two hanging taps on top, which make for easy positioning above plants.