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125w Maxibright CFL Lamp


Outstanding Performance 125W-6400°K

Easily increase the growth of your plants with the self-ballasted 125w Pro Star CFL Lamp. Energy efficient and highly effective, the 6400°K bulbs can deliver over 15,000 hours of efficient use and deliver with a reported energy saving of 20%, making it a highly cost-effective lamp with numerous benefits.

Unlike other common mercury or sodium lamps, the integrated ballast completely transforms the energy to light so your all-important plants receive maximum exposure. You can place the lamp as closely to the plants as you wish without fear of scorching for maximum light absorption.

The bulb is highly effective in encouraging growth which is improved further by the spectrum of the bulb covering 100% of that in photosynthesis. Let your plants benefit from one of the top performing lamps currently available with the highly efficient 125w Pro Star CFL Lamp.

Both blue and red spectrum are available.