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1000w Lumatek Digital Variable Ballast

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10000w Lumatek Digital Variable Ballast

1000w Lumatek Digital Variable Ballast is a technically advanced lighting solution for modern horticulture. These tight, compact, and completely silent digital ballasts deliver more PAR light (usable plant light) while using less electricity than standard magnetic ballasts.

The Lumatek digital ballast is microprocessor controlled and can sense and compensate for lamp degradation and voltage change in power supply from the local electrical grid, meaning that the 1000w Lumatek Digital Variable Ballast can provide precise control output of power supplied to the lamp ensuring optimum PAR levels are achieved at all times.

1000w Lumatek Digital Variable Ballasts can be used with HPS and MH lamps and features a multi-watt dimmable range so that growers can switch between 600w, 750w, or 1000w. Power can also be boosted by 10% using the Super Lumen setting, taking lamps to massive 1100w this can aid plants and increase yields during the flowering cycle.

The 1000w Lumatek Digital Variable Ballast is RF shielding so will not interfere with other electrical equipment in your home, it also comes with a 5-year warranty.

Please note – Digital ballasts run much cooler than magnetic ballasts but can still be warm so should be located on a firm flat surface (not carpet) in a well-ventilated area. To be able to power up and down you need to start with a 1000w lamp, this can then be dimmed to 750w and 600w or boosted to 1100w.

Contents - 1 x 100w Lumatek Digital Variable Ballast