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Integra Boost Curing Pack - Humidity Control


Pop Integra Boost into a curing jar, bucket or sealable bag to create the ideal environment to keep your tobacco, cigars and herbs in the perfect conditions. The easy-to-use sachets can seriously improve the quality of your dried products by keeping them at the optimal humidity.

  • Easy to use
  • Two-way humidity control increases or decreases your humidity levels as needed
  • It is salt-free so won’t alter the taste
  • The sachets are FDA-approved, spill & tear resistant, biodegradable and non-toxic
  • Available in two humidity levels
  • Comes with a replacement indicator card to tell you when your sachet needs replacing

Integra Boosts are available with two humidity levels: 55% and 62%. That’s because the sweet spot for curing is generally 55% to 62%. So far, feedback has suggested that the 55% versions have had the best impact for our customers, but many people may for 62% versions. Both are considered to be within the ideal range.

You’ll notice that these pouches come with an indicator card, which should be placed in the jar or curing bag along with the Boost sachet. The indicator card has a dot on the front that changes colour. When it turns blue, you’ll need to replace your Boost sachet.