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Canna D-Block


What is Canna D-Block?

Canna D-Block is an organic product based on anionic detergents to clean and prevent blockages in the automatic feeding systems and the feeding lines. It also prevents the build of the precipitant caused by the inorganic salt in the feed lines to provide an efficient watering system. It is developed and made in Holland by scientifically pioneering plant researchers after testing and research that lasted for years and trying every other plant nutrition in the market and choosing the best quality ingredients to stand out from the competition.

What is the use of Canna D-Block?

Canna D-Block is to be used preemptively with every irrigation system to prevent any salt build-up or any other blockages that might affect the feeding lines. When using Canna D-Block it is recommended to leave the pipes and the drippers wet internally between irrigations.

How does Canna D-Block work?

Canna D-Block is to be used before each crop, by filling the system with clean water and Canna D-Block to prevent any blockages and precipitants during the next cultivation.

Why would I need Canna D-Block?

Canna D-Block ensures that the minimum deposits remain in the system between irrigating, these deposits can lead to irregular watering and blockages. Canna D-Block is non-toxic natural surfactant properties keep irrigation system flowing at its maximum efficiency.

Description and components:

  • Natural non-toxic.
  • Made and developed in Holland
  • Can be used with any irrigation system.

How to use Canna D-Block?

  • Canna D-Block comes in a high concentration and it has to be diluted.
  • Add Canna D-Block to the reservoir and mix well.
  • 10ml / 100 liter


Canna D Block

All Canna products have gone through years of testing and tweaking to get them just right, the Dutch Giant is synonymous with high quality, great taste and heavy harvests.

Canna D-Block will prevent blockages by inorganic salts in automatic feeding systems and feed lines. Canna D-Block will not harm plants and can be added to every feed

. When preparing your nutrient solution be careful not mix them together in their concentrated form. Add each part of your nutrient schedule to your tank separately, mixing thoroughly before adding the next component to the mix.