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Why Use A Grow Tent?

Why Use A Grow Tent?

Have you just started looking around and searching for grow tents? Wondering what they are and why would you use a grow tent? We will walk you through some of the basics to help you understand what the grow tents are and what are the benefits of using them?

A grow tent is a compact portable tent that is made of flexible materials sets on a rigid frame that allows you to build your own gardening environment indoor. It creates an artificial season regardless of its surrounding weather as it creates its weather.


Now let's talk about "Why use a grow tent?"

Here are 7 Valuable reason why you should use a grow tent:

It comes with many benefits both for the grower and the plants which make the gardening process itself easier, more flexible, and better.


1.   Controlling the environment:

Using a grow tent means creating the whole gardening environment according to your plants' needs. Meaning that you control the temperature by moving the air in and out from your tent cooling it down or keeping the heat for a while, it is all up to you and what you need to do to grow your plants better. You also control the amount of light your plants get by setting up your light inside the tent and making sure it is sealed so no light will leak in. The watering also is one of the things you control in the tent as it provides a waterproof floor which enables you to water your plants without worrying about leaking.


2. Grow all year long:

Using a grow tent means you are not attached to seasonal changes as you can grow any plants anytime you want. This comes as a result of the full control the grow tent provides, as it comes with a seal to help protect the inside environment from external temperature changes to maintain the same surrounded atmosphere. Having a sealed grow tent makes it easier to keep the odors inside as some plants give off odors that might be unwanted to be leaked outside the grow tent.


3. Different growing environments in the same room:

It never gets cooler than this. imagine being able to grow 2 different crops with 2 different environmental needs. This what would happen if you have two or more grow tents in the same room, you control the atmosphere, light, and watering needs for a plant in each tent individually which means you can grow them all at once.


4. Space efficiency:

One of the major benefits of a grow tent is that you can set it up anywhere you want without disturbing the structure of that place. Even an empty corner in your room or a free space in the basement can fit. setting up a grow tent doesn't require any external change in the room structure where it is in which makes it an ideal choice for indoor growers. A grow tent's easy setup makes it also easily portable which adds to its flexibility as well, meaning you can easily deconstruct and reset it up in case you changed your mind about its place or if you are changing houses, etc...


5. Energy efficient:

Grow tents normally come with reflective walls on the inside for better use of light. Those reflective walls allow maximum use of your grow light source as it reflects the light inside the tent towards your plants as it is supposed to be instead of being lost or absorbed by other types of surfaces. This way you make sure that your plants get enough light to use for their photosynthesis process and you also guarantee that none of your plants will be in a shadow spot.


6. Easier growing equipment utilization:

Grow tents are normally prepared to host a complete growing system including the grow light holders to help set up the required light for the plant with a customizable height from the plant surface. Also, the reflective walls help avoid wasting any light. It also comes with trays for watering without leaking outside the tent and ports for ventilation fans among other specifications that differ according to each type. Grow tents also consider the photoperiodism of a plant, which means that some plants need the dark periods of the days as much as it needs the light periods for growing, and that is why it comes with thick lightproof materials from the outside to prevent light from leaking inside the tent. All of these aspects help a complete growing process running smoothly.


7. Eliminating pests' danger:

It's a great concern for growers when their garden contains pests, it is a great nuisance and also it leaves the plants with a high potential to get infected with diseases. A grow tent will keep these potentials to its minimum as it has great built-in protection for the plants in its design. It is a closed environment that doesn't allow anything in or out except air for ventilation, which helps keep the pests out.  


In conclusion, with the climate change and the unexpected weather extremes in the world today, it's never the best time to provide a more controlled safe environment to your plants indoors with a quality grow tent.

It comes with a relatively big initial cost, however, in return it will provide you with a high-performing garden full of healthy plants and a clean environment. It even will save you money, in the long run, taking into consideration all the benefits mentioned in this article which cost a lot more money without it.

We will be walking you through how to choose your grow tents in another article soon to help you choose your best grow tent according to your needs and to the plants you wish to grow. But for the meantime check out our grow tents sections to learn more about the best selection we have for any plants needs tents with multiple types and sizes for grow tents.


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